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Buying an e-scooter – everything you need to know

by Jack Philip
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In recent years, electric scooters have been seen more and more frequently on the roads of northern Germany. Young people, in particular, use them in cities to cover short distances. Various companies offer rental scooters. What do users need to know when traveling on e-scooters?

What exactly is an e-scooter?

At first glance, an e-scooter looks like a normal scooter with a handlebar or handlebar, but it has an electric motor. He can drive at a maximum speed of 20 km/h. One battery charge is usually sufficient for 15 to 30 kilometers.

What should I look out for when buying an e-scooter?

Important: Only buy e-scooters that have a general operating permit (ABE) or an individual operating permit. E-scooters without an operating permit may not be ridden on public roads. You should also choose wheels that are as large as possible to minimize the risk of accidents caused by potholes and make sure that the brakes work well and are safe.

How much do the scooters cost on average and where can I get them?

Street legal models are available from the discounter for around 200 euros, but here it is important to take a close look and examine the quality of the offer closely. Higher-quality models usually cost between 400 and 800 euros and are available online, at bicycle or electronics retailers. If you rely on brand quality premium manufacturers, you can certainly spend more than 1000 euros on an e-scooter.

Our buying tips:

Compact: A charger integrated with the vehicle does not have to be carried along

Light: Observe the permissible total weight (vehicle with driver)!

Reassuring: USB charging socket for charging the mobile phone

Useful: Removable battery for charging – can also be easily replaced in the event of a defect. Note range!

Comfortable: suspension fork and air instead of solid rubber tires. But then it is best to carry breakdown spray (for the tires) with you.

Practical: Pay attention to the weight! If you want to use public transport with a scooter or live on the fourth floor, you will be happy about a light model.

Foldable: In public transport, an e-scooter often has to be folded up and unfolded again. Therefore pay attention to an easy-to-use folding mechanism.

Safe: e-scooters with indicators. Giving hand signals when turning is mandatory, but driving with one hand is extremely unstable. In addition, you usually have to take your hand off the hand throttle when turning right. Retrofitting is difficult, the indicators must be connected to the vehicle’s power supply and also require an E-mark. A good alternative is to turn signals in the helmet. These do not require approval.

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