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Thousands of people visit techhapi.com daily. We get traffic because Google respects us. Additionally, we don’t tamper with your URLs, nor do we use shady practices such as impersonating your site. Users are redirected to your site directly from ours. We can thus help your site get some extra traffic this way.

Regarding the impact of a link from our site on your SEO, rest assured that your site will benefit from a link from our website. Our site is regularly graded by different tools, so we can say with confidence that Google respects it. As such, we could provide you with a link to your website.

In summary, I would like to say:

As a search engine, Google presents a set of links in search results – we don’t impersonate your brand/site, we just present the link to your site as it is – just as you would see in Google results.

In addition, our website will drive traffic to your site. Make sure to pay attention to the fact that it is quality traffic. This is free traffic of a higher quality.

We offer you extra SEO link juice.

As a result of everything we said, we would state unequivocally that keeping your website on our site (in our index) will benefit it. Please use the following form to request the link removal if, for any reason, you still want to request it. Your request will be addressed as soon as possible.