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How Can VitalPBX Add Value To Call Center Operations?

by Jack Philip
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VitalPBX Working in a call center is hectic because of the high call volume and increasing pressure on each agent. The continuous call flow and monotonous problems of the client just make it a difficult task to focus totally on the work as an agent and as a supervisor too. It becomes annoying to manage incoming calls, and back-to-back calls will continue to be a reason for frustration in call centers. This frustration leads to lower quality of customer service and client’s returning back disappointed.

But what if I tell you there is an amazing solution to these problems in the call center? Already surprised, right? VitalPBX is the solution to all the issues that are faced by the call center in terms of managing the calls. Before you get confused, let’s understand what VitalPBX is and how it will be a game-changer for call centers. 

What is VitalPBX? 

Virtual PBX is a software-based IP-PBX that stands for Internet Protocol – Private Branch Exchange; it is a kind of phone system that is designed for small businesses and medium businesses. To understand in much simpler words, vitalPBX allows businesses to manage their communication needs so that it runs smoothly without any hassle. Be it Voice over Internet Protocol, through telephone, voicemail, video call, email, chat system, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), and many more, vitalPBX is a one-stop solution for communication needs. 

Vital PBX is an open-source platform which means that it is highly customizable, and no matter what type of business, VitalPBX can make itself flexible accordingly and suit the best in handling the communication matters of the business. 

Importance of VitalPBX in call centers

In call centers, there are various patterns of management like call distribution, agent-wise distribution, maintaining the call queue, setting up of IVR in case of outages, and also monitoring the call duration to reach the daily target. All these to be done manually is impossible, and to get all these benefits in a single tool is just unimaginable. That is where the VitalPBX comes into play. This flexible tool supports every softphone like cisco jabber, five9, and Internet Protocol phones like Polycom, Grandstream, etc. VitalPBX can maintain the call flow, manage the call queue and take up all the complicated tasks to make the work of agents and supervisors easy.

  • VitalPBX can add a lot of value to call center operations and benefits the call center in various ways: – 
  • Call Monitoring and Recording:

Quality assurance and NPS scores are vital parts of a call center organization. For quality training purposes and feedback, it is very important to record the calls taken by the agent, which captures both the agent’s voice and the client’s voice perfectly. VitalBPX can be the hero in doing so by capturing the calls with crystal clear clarity. 

  • Setting up of IVR: 

This amazing feature of VitalPBX can enhance the customer’s experience. When a client calls, it is not always possible to immediately connect them to the agents because there is a lot of call flow. In the meantime, IVR, also known as Interactive Voice Response, can keep the customer engaged by making them select the menus and numbers and accordingly connect them with the correct agent. 

Moreover, IVR can also be very helpful in the time of outages because it is impossible to calm the client down if it is caused by a common issue and outage. Setting up IVR will keep the clients informed and therefore reduce the work pressure on the agents and will not affect the abandonment rate. 

  • Proper Call Routing: 

It is important for a client with a particular issue to be connected with the right agent or department so that issue can be resolved without hassle. For example, if a technical issue is present, it should go to the technical team, and if a system building and setting up issue is present, it should go to the build team. 

This proper routing of the call is made easy by VitalPBX, which allows call centers to route complex calls according to the agent’s availability and time zone. So, now the clients will get proper solutions to the issues from the experts in the related department.

  • Real-Time Data Analysis and Reporting: 

In a call center, it is crucial to know the real-time data of the incoming and outgoing calls, wait time of the client who dialed, abandonment rate, AUX usage by the agents and their activity, types of calls, and much more. 

The supervisor’s task becomes a lot easier with this as he can keep track of everything on a single screen. These real-time reports are possible with the help of VitalPBX, which gives accurate data about agents and calls, helping the call centers keep track of the flow. 

With all these advantages, VitalPBX can be a game changer in the call centers providing benefits in managing the calls and agents, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and, ultimately, revenue. 

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  • Changes VitalPBX can Bring to Call Centers

VitalPBX and the VitalPBX Development Services can change the face of call centers because they can bring tremendous changes. Not only will it help in maintaining the call flow better, but it will also help in increasing the revenue of the particular business. Here are a few brilliant changes that VitalPBX can bring to the call center service. 

  • Managing call flow and reducing the abandonment rates 
  • Better routing of calls by understanding the types 
  • Tracks the activity of agents to keep a note of productivity 
  • Supervise the agents better in terms of timings and number of calls taken 
  • Managing outages and setting up on-time IVR with personalized voice messages 
  • Recording and analyzing the calls taken 
  • Better feedback and a positive impact on the reputation of the business
  • Increased revenue for the businesses 
  • Hassle-free interaction with client and customer make their experience the best one

Overall, VitalBPX can bring positive changes in the business of call centers, and this will be reflected in the better NPS scores of agents and the feedback of the clients. 

  • Wrap Up 

VitalBPX being an open-source mechanism, can help in enhancing the customer experience, which is all that a call center wants. If a customer is satisfied with the services provided, then they will eventually trust the company and business, becoming permanent clients or loyal customers. Call centers in the business are undervalued, but we fail to understand the fact that these centers are the vocal face of the business. They are the ones who directly interact with clients and customers, understanding their problems and providing them with solutions. VitalPBX is the best partner for call centers at every stage of the process, and it will only enhance the business by making the customers satisfied, supervisors relaxed, and agents happy. So, all in all, getting VitalPBX for the business of call centers will prove to be beneficial in present times and even more vital in the coming future. 

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