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Every time someone needs to access the login page of any school, college, employer, or any other service, it’s really frustrating. Our knowledge of that service’s home page URL is good, but we are not able to remember it since the login page’s URL is long (and sometimes complex). Also, there are dozens of websites we use every day, so it is impossible to remember all of them. Getting the login page for the desired website can be accomplished by going to the website and then finding the link to the login page. There are some exceptions, but most of the time it is utterly confusing, since most sites do not provide a list of login pages and you must navigate through a series of confusing landing pages before reaching the desired link.

A simple solution has been offered to this problem. Our algorithm combs the Internet for login pages for given sites and then maps the login pages with their names and URLs. Then we also provide a search facility. Thus, whenever you type few letters of your desired site, we provide relevant results from a drop down.

Working with a phone book is just like working with a phone book. Directory services pair telephone numbers with names. There is no question that recalling and searching by name is easier than by phone number. It is obviously impossible to remember the phone numbers instead of the names of everyone in your contact list! People used to keep notebooks to note names and numbers back in the good old days when landlines were common. Today, phone directories take the place of notebooks.

It’s just what they do at login-db.com. Our system has actually mapped most of the login pages on the web to their respective domain names. If you want to directly log into a particular site, just enter the website’s name or the initial letters of its name whenever you need to do so. You’ll receive suggestions related to your query from our search engine. The techhapi.com listing page can be reached directly by clicking. Search engines can also help you find us. It’s that simple!