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Find Hobby Lobby Employee Portal Login

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hobby lobby employee portal guide

The Hobby Lobby Employee Portal is a web-based tool that allows employees to easily view their pay stubs, access their pay history, view their W2s, make changes to their pay, request a raise or promotion, and file a complaint.

Hobby Lobby’s Employee Portal has been in use since September of 2015. Employees have access to the portal through a web browser. The web portal is available for all employees of Hobby Lobby’s U.S. stores and its international stores located outside of the United States. Employees can also access the portal through an app on their mobile device, by clicking here. All employees will be required to use the portal during the upcoming pay cycle to submit payroll information.

The new portal is a component of Hobby Lobby’s “HobbyLink” which uses existing technology to provide employees with access to company policies, benefits, and more on the company’s intranet.

How To Access Hobby Lobby Employee Portal

Hobby Lobby, a craft store chain with 1,500 stores across the United States, offers its employees access to a portal that allows them to manage their work schedules and personal information. The portal allows employees to input their shift times, choose their working days and hours, and view their paychecks. In addition, the portal provides access to company policies and procedures, as well as financial resources such as 401(k) plans and health insurance benefits.

You can login hobby lobby employee portal through this link: https://employee.hobbylobby.com/

How Do You Get a Pay Stub If You Are on Direct Deposit

If you are employed and receive your pay through direct deposit, you can find your pay stub on MyHobbyLobby.com. To find this information, sign in to your account and click on “My History”, then select “Pay Stub History.” On the left-hand side of the page, under “Employees,” you will see a list of employees who have entered their Direct Deposit information into our system. Beneath each employee’s name is a link to their pay stub.


Hobby Lobby Employee Review Portal

You can find out employee reviews about salary, discount insurance or any other information related to hobby lobby employees.


Viewing My Electronic W-2 in the Hobby Lobby Employee Portal

I was pleased to see my updated electronic W-2 for this year in the Hobby Lobby employee portal. It was easy to access and convenient to print out. I liked that it was updated immediately after being processed, so there were no delays. I think this is a great way to keep track of my earnings and tax payments online. You can find it through this link: https://employee.hobbylobby.com/

Hobby Lobby Employee Portal Resources

The Hobby Lobby employee portal is a valuable resource for employees. It provides access to company policies, payroll information, and important files. The portal also offers resources such as employee surveys and wellness programs.

Training modules available in the hobby lobby employee portal

The Hobby Lobby Employee Portal offers training modules on a variety of topics, including safety and first aid, proper use of equipment, and how to properly handle customer complaints. The portal is designed to help employees learn the ropes and keep themselves up-to-date on the latest industry trends.

Resources available in the hobby lobby employee portal

The hobby lobby employee portal is a resource for employees to find information about the store, including product descriptions, images, and customer reviews. The portal also includes links to company policies and procedures.


Hobby Lobby, a nationwide chain of retail stores, is known for its religious beliefs. The company has been sued numerous times over the past few years due to its refusal to provide contraceptive coverage in its health insurance plans for employees. Recently, the company created a website where employees can access information about their benefits and workplace policies. This guide was created to help employees understand their rights and responsibilities at Hobby Lobby. Find other Portals On Techhapi.com

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