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Xehanort Is A Portal

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1. I didn’t understand why Xehanort is…. : kingdomheartsspoilers

I didn’t understand why Xehanort is…. from kingdomheartsspoilers

I didn
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2. He’s a portal? I’m so confused *Major spoilers* – Kingdom …


Also, I thought they went into Master Xehanort’s inner world, not Kingdom Hearts itself. Cuz…why would Kingdom Hearts be Scala ad Caelum? I …

3. Unchained Starlight — Do you know if the ‘Xehanort is a …


Anonymous said: Do you know if the ‘Xehanort is a portal’ thing that Riku and Mickey speak about was a mistranslation/wonky translation?

4. How is Master Xehanort a portal? | Kingdom Hearts Insider


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5. What does this mean? – Kingdom Hearts – General – KH13 · for …


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6. Xehanort – Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts …


Destiny Islands; ‎Land of Departure‎; …‎

7. Scala ad Caelum – Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts …


… abandoned even when Xehanort was living there many decades ago. … Sora passes through Xehanort’s portal as a heart, arriving at Scala …

8. Master Xehanort | KH-Vids | Your ultimate source for Kingdom …


Video Portal. YouTube. 0. 0. 472. 4:13. GMV – Kingdom Hearts – The Cruel Fate – 2016. Nov 4, 2016 at 3:12 PM Posted By Master Xehanort · Kingdom Hearts.

9. Portal of Darkness | Kingdom Hearts Wiki | Fandom


The Portals of Darkness are locations from the Kingdom Hearts series. Appearing during the final… … Phantom. Kingdom Hearts Wiki · Young Xehanort.

10. What If Young Xehanort Isn’t Young Xehanort? – KH Theories

What If Young Xehanort Isn’t Young Xehanort?

The “portal” description comes up again in Kingdom Hearts III, this time about Master Xehanort. The protagonists say Master Xehanort is a portal …

11. Tumblr


Young Xehanort wasn’t just traveling through time. He was a “portal”. And he split the world in two. image. Joshua: These two Traverse Towns separated by the …

12. ‘The final battle against Xehanort takes place in Xehanort’s …


… on Instagram: “’The final battle against Xehanort takes place in Xehanort’s MEMORIES of Scala ad Caelum, following his transformation into a portal as a…” …

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